Specialty Gas Services, Inc.
We also offer the installation of gas filling and analytical equipment at
your location.  

Your facility is inspected by Superior Specialty Gas for current filling
abilities and you will be provided a quote recommending and specifying
the required filling and mixing panels, manifolds, and related equipment.

Pure Gas Filling:

With the installation of this analytical equipment, you would have the
ability to certify purity on Air, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Helium,
Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Oxygen, etc.  This equipment is not involved
in the purification of these gases, but would enable you to certify the
grades of Zero, Extra Dry, Pre-purified, High Purity, and Ultra High
Purity, depending on the purity of the industrial-grade product.  

Gas Mixing:

The ability to produce most commonly requested gas mixtures is
accomplished with the installation of inert and flammable gas mixing
manifolds, vacuum pump, precision scales, and a gas chromatograph.  
The Gas Chromatograph will include an integrator to compute minor
component percentages, and although this sounds somewhat complex,
the equipment can be operated by your existing personnel with some
hands-on training.

The Gas Chromatograph, mixing manifolds, scales, etc., would enable
you to mix and analyze to Certified Standard specifications on most
commonly requested mixtures.  Depending on the total mass weight
requirement of the minor component, Primary Standards are also

Installation and Training:

  • We are involved in the installation and start-up of all the analytical
  • We will train designated personnel in proper quality control filling
    and mixing procedures.
  • We will train designated personnel (to our mutual satisfaction) in
    proper mixing techniques, mixture calculations, safety
    considerations, and analytical procedures.