Independently owned and operated,
our mission is to be a leader in
providing to our customers products
and services of the highest quality at
competitive prices.  We maintain an
unwavering commitment to safety
with strict adherence to ethical
business practices and
professionalism.  This is how we
conduct our business.
instrumentation and strict
product quality control assure
you of unquestionable gas
products for your research,
testing, production, or
development work.  Our
uncompromised commitment
to quality has set us apart
from the competition as a
unique specialty gas
High quality pure gases begin with
high quality raw materials.  With
our stringent quality control and
on-site filling and analytical
capabilities we supply UHP gases
meeting the highest standards for
purity.  We understand that mixing
calibration standards is accuracy
intensive and that the highest levels
of precision are vital for calibrating
our analytical equipment.  
We use electronic, high sensitivity, high load
gravimetric blending systems calibrated with
NIST traceable weights to control the blending
accuracy of each calibration standard meeting
the highest specifications for accuracy.
We understand your need for timely deliveries of
pure and mixed gases.  Our experienced,
professional staff is available to service your gas
needs.  Try us on your difficult problems.  We
look forward to working with you on a long term,
mutually beneficial basis and we request an
opportunity to earn your business.
Specialty Gas Services, Inc.